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Postnatal Doula

Postnatal Doula

Postnatal doulas provide flexible practical and emotional support postnatally for new mothers and families in their own homes.

Practical support provided by postnatal doulas can varies enormously, and one of the big benefits of having a postnatal doula is that they are there to support the family, not carry out a specific task, so they do what is needed (within reason!). This can be help around the house, looking after baby while mum (and her partner) nap, helping with older siblings, making meals, helping with dinner time or the school run, helping overnight so the parents get more sleep…even walking dogs or wrapping Christmas presents. Whatever is needed to help a family relax and have a positive experience of life with a baby.

If you choose to breastfeed, then a doula can support you with this and research shows that having a Doula UK postnatal doula means breastfeeding is more likely to be successfully established.

Postnatal doulas also provide emotional support for mothers and couples. Parents these days can feel overwhelmed by differing advice offered. A postnatal doula gives new parents the opportunity to talk things through, and just chat, knowing that they will not be dismissed or told what to do. Talking over the birth is a usual part of this, but postnatal doulas can also be there to support parents through concerns about siblings, feeding, going back to work, weaning, sleep – and what granny said she did in her day.


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